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About AG Heating & Air Conditioning

For as long as people have lived in Southern California, they’ve had a need for quality home air conditioning and HVAC care. Our hot, dry summers and desert-like conditions can be unbearable without some relief, and with the explosion in population in the 1950s came increased demand for quality home and commercial heating and air conditioning services.

At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we’ve served Southern California and the surrounding communities since 1989. We started small, like many companies do, but our dedication to high quality service at an affordable price remains unwavering. As our success continued, we have been able to expand throughout the Southland, and today we offer services to every community in the greater Southern California area. We’ve seen the industry change and our highly trained personnel have kept up with every step of the way. As a result, we can offer you the very best service for installing, repairing and maintaining your heating, cooling and indoor air quality products. Contact us today and let us show you what we can do!

Air Conditioning Comes First in Our Neck of the Woods

In a place like Southern California, air conditioning is far more than a luxury. Temperatures can climb into the triple digits during our summer heat waves, and even in the winter we have unexpected hot spells that necessitate a quality air conditioner. With AG Heating & Air Conditioning on your side, you can ensure that your house always stays cool on even the hottest days and that your system can deal with it without making you go broke on monthly bills. Whether you’re installing or replacing a system, dealing with repair issues, or simply giving your air conditioner some maintenance, you can trust us to do the job right!

Don’t Neglect Your Heating System to Keep Those Nights Comfortable

We don’t think much about our heating systems in a place where the temperatures rarely dip below freezing, but when December and January hits, our nights can still get pretty chilly. A reliable heater means never having to bundle up on those chilly nights, and when it breaks down, you want to make sure you have a company on call that can move quickly and effectively to set it right. At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re dedicated not only to repairing your heater when it causes trouble but installing new ones with confidence and pride, as well as keeping existing units maintain and replacing old ones who have worn out and can’t effectively function anymore. Contact our friendly staff today and let us know how we can help!

Indoor Air Quality Can Make a Huge Difference

People tend to focus on controlling the temperature in their Southern California homes and for good reason. But that’s not the only aspect of your household comfort level that needs addressing. Indoor air quality can drastically affect your family’s health, especially if your household includes sensitive family members, the elderly, or newborns. Ventilation systems can help circulate fresh air and swap out stale air, while humidifiers and dehumidifiers can control the moisture levels. If you’re concerns about germs in the air or excess amounts of dust and pollen, then consider an air purifier to get rid of them the right way. We can help install, maintain and repair indoor air quality products, so give us a call today!

Contact AG Heating & Air Conditioning for heating, cooling and indoor air quality products near Southern California and the surrounding areas.

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