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Ductless Systems in Southern California by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

If you think that you must use air ducts as a distribution system in order to enjoy forced air heating and cooling, we've got some good news for you. You can actually opt for a ductless system, allowing you to avoid the various issues with may befall ducted air conditioners and heaters. There are many benefits that you'll reap when choose to use a ductless system in Southern California.

In order for any HVAC system, your ductless system included, to function properly, it is necessary to schedule professional installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services. To do so, you need only dial our number. The ductless heating and cooling technicians on the AG Heating & Air Conditioning staff are here to ensure that you get the very best that your new ductless system has to offer.

AG Heating & Air Conditioning provides ductless heating and cooling system services in Southern California.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split System?

A ductless system is, naturally, an HVAC system that operates without the use of air ducts. These systems still blow conditioned air throughout the house, unlike systems such as radiant heaters, which don’t use ductwork because they don’t deal with forced air. An outdoor unit is connected to up to four individual blowers inside. These blowers are connected to the outdoor unit via power, refrigerant, and any necessary drainage lines. They use heat pump technology in order to use existing heat outside in order to heat your home during the winter, and act just like air conditioners in the summer, drawing heat out of the air and redistributing it throughout the house. Ductless systems allow for simple zone control, as well, as the blowers are all independently regulated with their own thermostats.

We Install and Replace Ductless Systems in Southern California

If you are serious about going ductless in your home in order to both heat and cool your living space in an effective and efficient manner, then you must be sure to schedule your ductless system installation with a qualified technician. This is not the type of job that an amateur can possibly complete on his or her own. When you let us handle your ductless system installation, that system will be expertly installed and of the right size for heating and cooling your home successfully. If you already have a ductless system in place, but that system is no longer capable of operating as it should, then by all means let us know. We also offer ductless system replacements, as well.

Are You in Need of Ductless System Repair or Maintenance Services?

The reality of the situation is that no HVAC system, and this includes your ductless system, can be 100% reliable. At some point you’ll find that your system is not functioning properly. It may even break down entirely. Whatever the problem may be, it is always best to schedule your ductless system repair services immediately. The longer that you wait to do so, the more likely it becomes that your system will suffer serious damages. Scheduling routine ductless system maintenance with a member of our staff will help to keep these repair needs as few and far between as possible.

Give us a call or fill out our quick and easy form to schedule ductless mini split services throughout Southern California. We’ll have an expert HVAC technician to your home in no time, providing high–quality service for year–round heating and cooling.

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