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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in Castaic, CA

Whether you’re talking about an air conditioning system, a heater or a water heater, residents of Castaic need to know that their household systems are in the right hands. It starts with a proper installation, performed by trained experts with the experience to handle the job right. It continues throughout the system’s life, whether it be repair calls or maintenance to prevent those calls from taking place. And when your system has run its course, you want a quality service to replace the unit properly. Give AG Heating & Air Conditioning a call today to take care of all of these issues!

AG Heating & Air Conditioning offers superior service for air conditioners, heaters, and water heaters in Castaic, CA.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Prevents Repairs

Castaic, CA is a hot city, especially in the summertime. That means our air conditioners are subjected to a huge amount of stress and strain, and when repairs crop up, they’re usually need at the worst possible time. You can heads those unexpected breakdowns off by scheduling regular repair sessions from the experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. Not only can we spot potential problems before they shut your system down, but we’ll ensure you air conditioner is running at its peak efficiency!

What Can Smart Thermostats Do for You?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that contains programming designed to maximize the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning system. That means it learns your habits for heating and cooling and makes little adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency. It can also make adjustment based on things like humidity and outdoor temperatures, helping cut down on those monthly energy bills.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps use the principles of air conditioning to heat your home in the winter as well as cooling it in the summer. The system circulating refrigerant can be "reversed" to allow warm air in your home and release cool air outside if you wish. The benefits include added convenience as well as improved savings over other forms of heating in the winter.

Install Commercial Air Conditioning Systems the Right Way

Commercial air conditioners differ from residential models in many ways, but one thing doesn’t change. You need to have them installed properly, or else risk reduced efficiency, more frequent repairs and a shorter overall lifespan for the system. That’s why you should trust the experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning to install your commercial air conditioning system properly! It saves you money and worry, as well as improving your bottom line.

Heating Is More than Just a Winter Concern

We tend to think about our heaters only during the winter, since Castaic, CA is very warm and our chilly months are mild in the extreme. But that doesn’t mean you should let the system just sit there unattended all year. Corrosion, lack of use and similar issues can bedevil it no matter what season it is. That’s why a regular maintenance session from AG Heating & Air Conditioning is an absolute must. We’ll handle your heater’s issues throughout the year, and make sure it’s ready when you need it!

Furnace Installation Means Proper Planning

If you’re installing a new furnace this winter, make sure you take the proper steps. A technician should inspect your home and determine the exact power levels you need, as well as instructing you on available models and efficiency levels within your budget range. Good planning like that eliminates a lot of potential problems, and makes sure your new furnace is working the way it should.

Trust Professionals with Gas Furnace Installation

A new gas furnace is a big expense, and scheduling an installation session can be a hassle. This is no time to trust some new company or an unproven technician with the issue. The team at AG Heating & Air Conditioning has been in business for a long time, and we have the skills you need to get your new gas furnace set up the right way.

Electric Furnaces Take Trained Skill to Handle

Whether you’re having a new electrical furnace installed or an old one serviced or repairs, you want to trust a service that’s going to make a difference. Quality professionals take care of all the little details, as well as using components that won’t wear out on you the minute you turn your back. Look to AG Heating & Air Conditioning to install, repair, maintain and replace your electric furnace!

Trust AG Heating & Air Conditioning with Indoor Air Quality Issues

Indoor air quality means as much to your Castaic, CA home as a good air conditioner or heater. You may have specific issues you need addressed, such as a reduction in humidity or as more sterile environment for an elderly family member. Or you may simply want a general solution to stale or stuffy air. Whatever the issue, AG Heating & Air Conditioning is here to take care of it the right way. We have the experience you need to deal with any indoor air quality issues, so contact us today!

Use Humidifiers to Improve Your Health

Dry air has a tendency to dry out your sinuses, which is your body’s first defense against germs and illnesses. When winter comes, dry air increases, which is why you tend to suffer from a lot of colds in the winter. You can combat this tendency with the installation of a quality humidifier: moistening the air and keep your home and family healthy.

Install an Air Purifier Today

Air purifiers act to address high levels of dust, dirt and other contaminants in your system. A centralized air conditioner and/or forced air furnace makes this problem worse by blowing dust and dirt through your home. An air purifier, installed at the apex of your ducts, pulls those contaminants out of the air and keeps your home happier and healthier as a result!

Get Rid of that Clammy Feeling with a Dehumidifier

No one likes the feeling of high humidity. It keeps the sweat from evaporating off of your skin, leaving you feeling clammy and gross. It also makes the air feel hotter, and can contribute to the proliferation of germs, molds and bacteria. A dehumidifier can stop all that before it starts, helping your home feel more comfortable as a result. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning today to learn more.

We Provide More Services That You Need

Whether it’s attic fans, improved insulation or just a few handy tips on keeping your home more energy efficiency, AG Heating & Air Conditioning has what it takes to help your Castaic, CA home function at its best. With our trained staff, you can find the products that improve your home’s energy efficiency, then install and repair them with the confidence that comes with decades on the job. Pick up the phone and give us a call today to get the process started. Your home will thank you for it!

Get Insulation Now

Insulation is far more than just a handy addition to your home in the winter. Castaic, CA suffers from scorching hot summers, and more insulation helps keep the cool air in as well as the hot air out. That means lower air conditioning bills and a more comfortable home overall. If you think your home could benefit from more insulation, give us a call today!

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