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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Services in Moorpark, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

The most you ever interact with your climate control systems is probably when you adjust the thermostat. The same thing goes for your water heater, or your indoor air quality system. We are often so far removed from the systems themselves that, although we rely on them on a daily basis, we forget how important they are. We also forget that they need professional services in order to last as long as possible. Fortunately, we can provide all the services that your home systems need to keep working for you.

AG Heating & Air Conditioning offers a full range of installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement services throughout Moorpark, CA.

We Install and Service Air Conditioning Systems in Moorpark, CA

Southern California is a desert, and that becomes painfully obvious during the summer when the temperature can skyrocket to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You really don’t want to be stuck in a house without air conditioning during the summer months. Fortunately, with us on your side, you don’t have to. We install, repair, maintain, and replace air conditioning systems throughout Moorpark, CA. If you need air conditioning services of any kind, give us a call today. We’ll make sure that your home stays cool all summer.

We Provide Comprehensive Thermostat Services

The thermostat is arguably the most important part of any climate control system. Whether we’re talking about a heater or an air conditioner, neither of them will work without a thermostat to monitor temperature and send them instructions. We install and service a wide variety of thermostats, so that you can rest assured that your climate control systems are in good hands.

Ask About Our Heat Pumps

Heat pump systems are similar to air conditioners, but include a part called the "reversing valve." This lets them act as either heaters or air conditioners by reversing the direction that refrigerant flows through them. Heat pumps are a great climate control solution for people who want to save on their home operating costs. We install and service heat pumps.

We Offer Complete Commercial Air Conditioning Services

Commercial air conditioning systems are much larger and more complex than their residential counterparts. They have to be, since they’re service much larger and more complex buildings. Most HVAC companies don’t offer commercial air conditioning systems because they don’t want to deal with the added hassle. We, however, offer a full range of commercial air conditioning services. Call us for more information.

Ask About Our Heating Services in Moorpark, CA

No one likes having to don a parka just to get out of bed in the morning. Getting through a Southern California winter without a heating system isn’t often dangerous, but it is incredibly uncomfortable. If you don’t have a heating system installed in your home yet, give us a call today. We offer a full range of heating services from installation, to repair, to maintenance and replacement. If you need heating system services of any kind, let us help you out.

We Install and Service Furnaces

If you’re in the market for a new home heating system, a furnace might be the perfect solution for you. Furnace heating systems come in a variety of types, including gas and electric. They’re cheap, affordable, and can be found all across the country. We install and service a wide variety of furnaces throughout Moorpark, CA. Contact us for more information.

We Install and Service Gas Furnaces

Of all the different furnace types in use today, gas furnaces remain the most popular. This isn’t all that surprising when you take a look at natural gas itself, which is used in a lot of different heating and cooking systems. Natural gas is cheap, plentiful, and generates a lot of heat when burned. That’s why we install, repair, and maintain a wide variety of gas furnaces.

Electric Furnace Services are Available

One of the biggest downsides to using a gas furnace is that it’s dependent on a natural gas line in order to work. While natural gas lines are common across the country, there are still some areas where they are not accessible. Fortunately, electric furnaces can work anywhere that there is electricity. Electric furnaces are a great alternative for those who want a furnace system, but can’t or won’t make use of a gas furnace.

We Provide Full Indoor Air Quality Services in Moorpark, CA

Indoor air quality has a huge impact on your health and quality of life, even if you don’t know it. Millions of microscopic airborne contaminants infiltrate your body every time you take a breath. Some of these include dander, pollen, germs, and mold spores. Prolonged exposure to these contaminants can cause all kinds of problems, from allergy attacks, to flu symptoms, to asthma. Humidity is also an issue. If your air is too dry or too humid, it can also lower your quality of life. That’s why we offer comprehensive indoor air quality services throughout Moorpark, CA.

We Install and Service Humidifiers

Have you ever noticed your skin cracking in very dry weather? What about getting a nose bleed? This is because the lack of moisture throws off your body’s equilibrium and weakens these areas, which are some of your first lines of defense against infection by germs. This is why you need a humidifier, which restores balance to your home’s air by releasing water vapor. We install and service humidifiers.

We Provide Full Air Purifier Services

Air purifiers clean your air by removing airborne contaminants. They do this in a number of ways, depending on the type of system you’re using. All of them can make a meaningful improvement to your indoor air quality, though. We install and service air purifiers of all kinds. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our air purifier technicians.

Ask About Our Dehumidifier Services

Air that is too wet is just as bad as air that is too dry. If your air is too humid, it can promote mold growth and make it harder for your body to cool itself. Chronic humidity is a threat to not only your comfort, but your health as well. That’s why AG Heating & Air Conditioning installs and services dehumidifiers throughout Moorpark, CA.

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