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A Palmdale, CA Air Conditioning, Heating, and Water Heater Company

When you’re looking for a company that can take care of all the comfort needs for your home—from installing a new gas–powered furnace to repairing a broken down air conditioning system—you only need to call one company: AG Heating & Air Conditioning! We’re your one–stop shop for all your heating and AC needs! We have been in business since 1989 serving Palmdale, CA with great comfort services, including indoor air quality improvement, installing water heaters and updating thermostats. We also provide extensive HVAC services for business in the area.

Call us today to schedule the HVAC work your home or business needs in Palmdale, CA!

Need Air Conditioning Services?

We understand that the principle comfort concern you have during the year is keeping the heat away from your home. It takes a powerful air conditioning system for this job, and our HVAC experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning can see that you have the best possible AC for your specific needs. Whenever you need repairs to fix a cooling system, we’re here 7 days a week to answer your call. Make sure to also sign up for regular maintenance to keep your air conditioner in the good shape.

Upgrades and Repairs for Thermostats

The thermostat is often the unsung hero of an air conditioning (and heating) system: with it, you simply won’t have the temperatures you want. Our technicians can help you with repairing a thermostat that isn’t doing its job. Even better, they can upgrade your thermostat with new units like programmable and smart thermostats that will help you save energy every day.

We Offer Service for Heat Pumps As Well

A heat pump is a great match for the weather around the year in Southern California. Heat pumps work like air conditioners, except that they can switch the direction they move heat so they also function as heating systems. We can install a great heat pump for your home, and we are also available for replacements, repairs, and routine maintenance.

Call Us for Your Commercial Air Conditioning Needs

In addition to all the work that we perform to keep homes cooled down, we also handle installations and other services for commercial air conditioning. Keeping your work environment properly cooled during the heat is vital for happy employees, customers, clients, tenants, etc. You can trust us to see that you have the best possible air conditioning for your company.

When You Need Great Heating, We’re the People to Call

Heating isn’t as much on people’s mind in Palmdale, CA, but it isn’t something that you can ignore. Those cold days and nights will arrive, and you need to be ready for them. If you need a new furnace or heat pump, arrange for a great installation or replacement with our team at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. And if your current heater is struggling with keeping your household warm, contact us to schedule repairs or a routine maintenance service. Our NATE–certified technicians are here to serve you!

Installation, Repairs, and Other Service for Furnaces

If we had to guess what kind of heater you have in your home, we’d pick furnace. The majority of homes in the U.S. use a furnace of one type or another, and our technicians have extensive experience with many models. So whether you need a quick repair for a faulty electric furnace or you want a new gas furnace, you only need to call us.

Gas Furnace Services—Done Right!

The gas furnace is popular with homeowners because it’s cost–effective and very powerful. However, if you have a gas furnace or wish to have one installed, it’s important that you only call on licensed professionals to handle the necessary work. This will keep the furnace operating safely, and it will also see that it works the best it possibly can.

Call On Us for Electric Furnace Service

Although electric furnaces lack the immense heating power of their gas–powered cousins, they are more than enough to handle Southern California’s weather. We’ll install an electric furnace is that’s the ideal heater for your home’s specific comfort needs. We can also take care of fixing an electric furnace that is experiencing trouble giving your household the heating it requires.

We Offer Great Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Poor indoor air quality is a major problem that affects home all across the country. Is your home one of those that suffers from unbalanced humidity or pollutants in its air? There’s help here at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We are proud to offer indoor air quality solutions, such as air purifiers, air filtration systems and humidifiers/dehumidifiers. In addition to IAQ installations and services, our team members work with ventilation systems to test and seal them to improve your energy efficiency. Call us to schedule work in Palmdale, CA.

If You Need a Humidifier, Let Us Handle It

When the air in your home becomes too dry (below 30% relative humidity), it will start to create problems. Colder temperatures will feel substantially worse, colds and flus can spread rapidly, static electricity will become an annoyance, and wooden surfaces will crack. You can stop all this by calling our IAQ team today and arranging for a whole–house humidifier installation.

Air Purifier Installation and Other Services

There are many types of air purifiers. The most common type uses ionization to add positive or negative charges to pollutants inside an HVAC system and then attracts them down onto a set of plates. To make sure that you have the right air purifier to suit your needs, schedule installation with our technicians. They will also help with future repair troubles and routine maintenance.

Whole–House Dehumidifier Services

Is your home suffering from high humidity that is making every day in the summer nearly unbearable? The answer is a whole–house dehumidifier, and our technicians are glad to help set one up in your HVAC system. With the proper dehumidifier, you’ll enjoy better comfort and less time running an energy–draining air conditioner. There are other benefits as well: call us to learn more.

More Services We Offer for Comfort and Energy Savings

AG Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to using the best technology available to provide comfort for homes and to assist with saving energy. We take this beyond heating and air conditioning, and include providing services for insulation and the installation of whole–house fans (which provide improved ventilation that helps draw in cooler outside air) and attic fans (which ventilate the massive heat sink that forms at the top of a home). To find out more about what we can do for your home in Palmdale, CA, call today.

Need New Insulation or Insulation Replacement?

If your home has inferior insulation in its walls and attic, which is all too common in Southern California, it will allow the interior to grow even hotter during the summer. Proper insulation keeps out the heat and removes the stress on your air conditioner. And it will help during cool weather as well. You only need to ask us when you’re looking for insulation services.

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