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Heating and Air Conditioning in Redondo Beach, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Although we are lucky to enjoy pleasant outdoor temperatures for much of the year in our area, we still need air conditioning and heating in our homes to stay comfortable at all times. Whole–home heating and cooling systems are complex mechanical systems that require a lot of care and maintenance over their lifespans. Get the care you need for your home comfort systems from our expert technicians. We install, replace, repair, and maintain heaters, air conditioners, and water heaters. We are your one–stop shop for all of your whole–home comfort needs!

Call your Redondo Beach, CA HVAC experts today. Get in touch with the friendly people at AG Heating & Air Conditioning!

We Provide Air Conditioning Services

Looking for a brand new air conditioner? Speak with us first! We will make sure that you get a model that fits into your home and works efficiently. And of course, we offer all of the repair and maintenance services to keep the unit in good condition, even if you did not have one of our experts install it. Call us for prompt repairs when your system breaks down, and let us know if you want to sign up for annual maintenance services to help keep the unit at its peak.

Choosing New Thermostats

There are actually a number of thermostats that you can choose from once you decide to upgrade to a model that allows for greater control. Today’s programmable thermostats have all kinds of preset options for your comfort and to help you save energy. Smart thermostats allow you to save even more, letting you make energy–saving choices from your phone while you are away.

Do You Have a Heat Pump?

More and more homeowners are making the switch! Heat pumps are able to heat and cool using the same technology! This means only one system for home comfort throughout the year. Maintain your system with the help of our experts. We can provide fast repairs, and we also offer maintenance services from people who specialize on these systems.

Concerns with Commercial Air Conditioning in Redondo Beach, CA

Having an inexperienced technician work on your commercial air conditioning system can mean trouble for the system. Only select technicians have the proper experience to work on systems with such high cooling capacities. You don’t want your system to fail when you really need it, so call a technician for regular maintenance, and make sure you count on the specialists at AG Heating & Air Conditioning for any commercial services.

Look for a New Heating System?

In the winter, you need a quality heating system for your family’s comfort, but one quick internet search shows there are a lot of different units out there that you can choose from. That’s why we recommend that you consult with a technician first. We are happy to help you select from among the many types of heaters out there, including heat pumps, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and ductless heating systems. Speak with our team to learn more about your options and to schedule installation.

When to Service Furnaces

Furnaces may be subject to a number of unexpected issues without the proper care and maintenance. Change your filter each month and schedule regular maintenance visits with an HVAC professional each year. Additionally, make sure that you call an expert for repair as soon as you notice a problem. At AG Heating & Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on providing fast service for heating and cooling problems.

The Preferred Choice for Heating Is the Gas Furnace

In the U.S., people choose gas furnaces more often than any other heating system. In part, this is due to the low cost of operation, the availability of systems, and their effectiveness and efficiency in any weather. But no matter how well your gas furnace performs, any services should be completed by professionals if you expect it to remain in good condition.

An Electric Furnace Is a Great Choice for Redondo Beach, CA

In very cold climates, homeowners tend to avoid electric furnaces because the cost of operation is simply too high. But in our area, the mild climate means that your monthly bills might not take a significant hit at all, especially if you schedule professional maintenance, change your filter, choose a high–efficiency system, and have it installed by our heating experts.

We Have Excellent Indoor Air Quality Options

The quality of the air in your home has a major effect on your health. Get a new indoor air quality system or services from AG Heating & Air Conditioning. The air outside in Redondo Beach could actually be healthier than the air in your home if you don’t ventilate or have a separate system to get air pollutants under control. We provide installation for all sorts of systems, including electronic air cleaners, UV air purifiers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, energy recovery ventilators, and much more!

The Value of a Humidifier

You may have heard about how humidity affects someone’s comfort, but did you know that low humidity also has a significant effect in many homes? Low humidity leads to discomfort in cooler weather, dry skin, brittle hair, and even illness. Having some level of water vapor in the air in your home is a good thing. Call us to learn more about the value of humidifiers.

Install a UV Air Purifier

UV air purifiers are systems that use ultraviolet light in order to kill the contaminants that pass through your HVAC system and make you ill. Viruses, bacteria, and mold spores are killed and sterilized on contact. Your home is a safer, healthier place to be after we install your new UV germicidal light system. Call our indoor air quality specialists today!

Considering a Dehumidifier?

Many people who live in our area could benefit from a whole–house dehumidifier, since high humidity tends to make us very uncomfortable in the summer. A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, helping you to cool off faster and reducing your air conditioner’s amount of work. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more, to schedule installation, or to get services.

More Services for Your Comfort!

We have a number of innovative solutions that help you to reduce usage of your heating and cooling systems while still remaining comfortable. This includes whole–house fans, attic fans, and insulation. An attic fan, for example, is a large fan that vents heat outside of your attic. Since this is the hottest part of a home in the summer, that layer of heat can amount to higher temperatures within the home, and a bigger job for your AC, so an attic fan is a huge help! Call us to learn about more of our services in Redondo Beach, CA!

Do I Need Insulation?

Insulation is an important tool in helping to keep you comfortable throughout the year. With the right level of insulation, you can prevent heat from transferring to the air in your home as you run your air conditioner, and you can prevent heat from leaving the home in the winter. Not sure if you need insulation added to your home? Call our experts!

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