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Air Conditioning and Water Heater Services in San Fernando, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Many of us have had to deal with a frustrating issue with a technician in the past. Too often, air conditioning and heating companies take too long to get to your home and to diagnose the issue. But our experts work quickly, and we will get to your home as soon as we possibly can. We are your one–stop shop for any heating or AC needs you may have. We also service water heaters of all types. Be sure to make us your first call for any of your home comfort needs.

AG Heating & Air Conditioning can make sure that you are comfortable year round with quality services in the San Fernando, CA area.

Air Conditioning in San Fernando

There is no denying the importance of having a quality air conditioning system in the San Fernando area. You probably couldn’t get through the summers in the area without a working unit, so keep yours in excellent condition with our whole–home air conditioning services. This includes routine maintenance visits, fast repairs, or scheduled appointments for installation or replacement. We are a top name in air conditioning service in Southern California, and we are happy to help you with all of your home cooling needs.

We Install Thermostats

Looking to upgrade your outdated thermostat? We can help you pick out a new one and install it for you. Installing a new thermostat is not as easy as it sounds. You cannot simply hook it up to the wall and expect it to work. There is wiring to take into account, and positioning requires careful thought. It may not work properly if you put it too close to a window or another source of heat, so call us for thermostat installation.

The Power of Heat Pumps

Many people choose to install heat pumps over conventional air conditioning systems once they hear about the benefits. The main benefit is that a heat pump can actually provide heat. Additionally, heat pumps are highly energy efficient, with efficiency ratings that often surpass even the most efficient of split–system AC units. For more information or for service, call our team.

Your Commercial Air Conditioning Experts

Specializing in larger units of all brands, our commercial HVAC experts can ensure that your services are completed correctly. Whether that is a routine maintenance visit or a complete system replacement, count on us to get it done in a timely manner. We have helped businesses all around Southern California, and we can make sure your property in San Fernando, CA stays cool as well.

Should You Replace Your Heating System?

Although our cooler temperatures in the San Fernando area are often mild, it’s still a major discomfort to be without a heating system when your older unit breaks down. Replace your heating system long before it breaks down so that you never have to go without it and in order to reduce energy costs. A new heating system can save you a lot of money in your monthly bills, especially if you choose one with a high energy efficiency rating, as indicated by the AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency).

We Install and Service Furnaces

Furnaces are the most common systems used for heating in any area. Our technicians can install your new heating system, replace a worn unit, repair or replace broken parts, and we offer routine maintenance services as well. We have years of training on all types of furnaces, and we are NATE–certified, one of the highest indicators of quality in the industry.

Do You Have a Gas Furnace?

Chances are high that you do, since gas furnaces are so common in this country. Gas furnaces are cost–effective options for anyone with natural gas service to the home. Schedule your next service or installation with the team at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We have gas furnaces in stock and we can make sure that yours has everything it needs to run as smoothly as possible for the winter.

Should You Have an Electric Furnace?

Electric furnaces require less maintenance than gas furnaces in many instances, and they are less expensive to install. However, many homeowners choose to install gas furnaces anyway, due mainly to the low cost of operating it from month to month. Learn more about which unit is right for your home by calling our experts.

Common Indoor Air Quality Issues

Getting asthma and allergy symptoms under control can be difficult, since your HVAC system continues to circulate around any particles in your air such as pet dander and mold spores that could make you ill or aggravate a preexisting condition. Remove particles from the air with an indoor air quality system from the experts at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. Or get other indoor air quality issues under control, such as poor ventilation, high humidity, or low humidity. We have a system that can help you feel better through the year.

Why Install a Humidifier?

Low humidity can be just as problematic as high humidity, especially in the winter when you just cannot seem to get warm with the dry, stale air. A humidifier can also help to alleviate illnesses, adding moisture to your sinuses that helps you recover faster. And it can solve problems that dryness creates for your skin, lips, and hair.

An Air Purifier Can Help Your Family Members

The air filter in your HVAC system may get rid of quite a few of the particles flowing through your HVAC system, but it cannot catch every airborne particle there is. Install a separate air purifier to get the smallest of particles under control, including many bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other tiny allergens. This is particularly helpful for family members with allergies or asthma.

Why Install a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier can make you a lot more comfortable in the summer, since the heat and humidity make you feel even warmer than the temperature on the thermostat indicates. Additionally, a dehumidifier may help to ensure mold and mildew do not develop around your home. Make sure you choose a whole–home model, however, to dehumidify all of the rooms of the home.

More Services from AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Air conditioning systems, heating systems, and water heaters are not the only services we offer to customers in San Fernando, CA. We also install insulation, attic fans, programmable thermostats, and whole–house fans. Any of these devices can make your home a little more comfortable. An attic fan, for example, removes the layer of heat that often sits around the top of your attic. A whole–house fan can make you feel cooler, and insulation can cut the work of your heating and air conditioning systems.

Why Insulation Matters

Insulation is a heat barrier, something that makes it really difficult for heat to transfer from one place to another. Slowing the heat transfer rate means that your heater does not have to run as frequently in the winter, since heat is less capable of leaving the home. And in the summer, heat cannot penetrate your living space with ease. Call AG Heating & Air Conditioning to add insulation to your home in San Fernando, CA.

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