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Heating and Air Conditioning in Ventura, CA by AG Heating & Air Conditioning

Your heating and air conditioning systems play an important part in your home comfort. Treat these systems well by scheduling any services you may need with the skilled professionals at AG Heating & Air Conditioning. We have all the experience to ensure that your heater, air conditioner, and water heater all remain in excellent condition throughout the years. And when it does come time for a replacement, we will work within your budget and explain your options to see that you get the best system for your home.

Call us today! Learn about all the ways we can help you improve your home comfort when you call us for services in Ventura, CA.

The Air Conditioning Experts

We install and service air conditioning systems of all different sizes, including commercial air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless systems. Our expertise allows us to install, maintain, replace, diagnose, and repair all of the most common systems in Ventura! We can also install any accessories you may need, such as thermostats and indoor air quality products. Let us help you get through extreme summer temperatures by helping you get whole–home comfort for less with a quality, well–tuned AC system!

Replace Manual Thermostats

Manual thermostats are those which have no programming settings and no digital display. Using dials and sliders to control the temperature is a thing of the past. Take better control over your system and save some money by calling our experts for programmable thermostat installation. We also install smart thermostats, which operate via a wall unit or an app on your phone.

About Heat Pumps

We know that many homeowners associate the term "heat pump" with home heating. But a heat pump is actually a cooling and heating system in one. A heat pump uses air conditioning technology to move heat. Refrigerant absorbs heat from the air in the home and moves it out in the summer (like an air conditioner), but in cooler weather, it absorbs heat from outside and uses it to heat your home.

Commercial Air Conditioning

A commercial air conditioning system has a large, complex duct system, an intricate control system, and multiple electrical and mechanical components. To service these systems properly, you want to hire someone who has the proper level of experience with this particular sort of system. Call us today to speak with commercial HVAC specialists with plenty of expertise for large system services.

Heating for a Cold Winter Day

We know that you want a quality heating system to get you through the coldest of winter nights and days. That’s why we have a wide selection of units that we install for all different needs. We will take the time to size the unit and make sure you get the one that matches your home’s heating requirements, whether that’s a furnace or a heat pump. Then, we will carefully secure all of the components into place and perform a thorough inspection before we leave. We also offer fast service for repairs and we provide routine maintenance services.

We Install a Variety of Furnaces

This includes gas furnaces and electric furnaces with many different features and optional upgrades like variable speed blowers and programmable thermostats. And we offer complete services for these heating systems, even if we didn’t install yours. In fact, we install and service all types of heating systems, including heat pumps and ductless systems.

Gas Furnace Sizing

Make sure that your technician takes the time to size your furnace before installing a heater in your home. One that is too small might not do a sufficient job of heating your home. A gas furnace that is too large can also run into issues when attempting to heat a space smaller than it was designed for. Get proper sizing for your furnace in Ventura, CA through AG Heating & Air Conditioning.

Owning an Electric Furnace

Many people choose gas furnaces for the affordable monthly utility bills, but electric furnaces can still run efficiently if maintained correctly. Schedule a professional tune–up with our experts each year before the heating season to keep your unit running at its finest. And make sure that you don’t forget to change the air filter each month for better performance and for the quality of your air.

Indoor Air Quality Control from Technicians Who Care

We want to see to it that you and your family members can stay healthy and comfortable throughout the year. Call and ask about the indoor air quality systems we have available to homeowners in Redondo Beach, CA. We have systems that can help with humidity troubles, as well as advanced air filtration and purification systems that work with an HVAC system to improve the air that circulates in your home every day. We also offer services to test and seal the ducts. Just give us a call!

How Humidifiers Keep You Healthy

It’s actually a lot more difficult to recover from an illness when there is very little moisture in the air. A healthy level of humidity is about 30–50%. Anything below this can dry out your sinuses, and that’s when it becomes tough for your body to fight off a cold. Install a whole–home humidifier and help your family members to be healthier!

How an Air Purifier Removes Contaminants

There are a couple of ways an air purifier may handle the contaminants that move through your HVAC system. Unlike an air filter that traps particles within the media, an electronic air purifier often relies on an ionization process to charge particles in the air, which then cling to a plate within the unit. Or, you might get a UV air purifier that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize bacteria and viruses.

Install a Dehumidifier for Summer

When humidity levels are too high, the air in your home can feel even warmer than it actually is. Install a dehumidifier with our team so that you don’t have to turn the thermostat down so low. We can also help you maintain your dehumidifier, and see that your whole–home unit is properly integrated into your HVAC system.

More Services for Your Home from AG Heating & Air Conditioning

We offer additional services that can make your Redondo Beach home a lot more comfortable, and that could potentially save you money! Installing insulation with our team, for example, reduces heat exchange to and from the outdoors, helping your AC and heating systems to do less work. While a whole–house fan or attic fan uses energy, it is nowhere near the amount that an air conditioner uses, and you can save money if they help you to cut back on AC usage.

Why Add Insulation for the Summer

It’s a common myth that insulation is most useful for homes in cooler climates. Insulation is just as helpful in the summer as it is in the winter. Since it slows down heat transfer, it can prevent heat from moving into your home in the summer, just as it keeps it out in the winter. Find out if you should add insulation into your home after a visit from our technicians.

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